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A growing Southern California green hydrogen market would support California’s efforts to leverage federal investment from the Infrastructure, Investment, and Jobs Act to establish an equitable, sustainable, and expanding renewable hydrogen hub.


As Southern California organizations continue to work with GO-Biz and the rest of the Governor’s Administration as it leads public and private stakeholders toward the goal of submitting a single, state-sponsored application encompassing projects throughout California to the U.S. Department of Energy’s “Regional Clean Hydrogen Hubs” funding program.


Due to the relative maturity of hydrogen technology and demand, a Southern California market will initially include green hydrogen production, storage, and transport, with initial end use applications focused on industry, transportation, and ports.

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Regional Clean Hydrogen Hubs

The U.S. Department of Energy plans to release $8 billion in funding for the development of regional clean hydrogen hubs. In response, the State of California has committed to establishing a statewide renewable hydrogen hub encompassing communities, projects, and people from Northern California, the Central Valley, and Southern California.


Led by GO-Biz and in partnership with dozens of stakeholders throughout the state, California plans to invest in an array of projects that, collectively, will jumpstart the development of an environmentally and economically sustainable green hydrogen market.


Ultimately, a federally co-funded renewable hydrogen hub in California would accelerate the transition to a carbon-neutral economy, creating the scale needed to drive down costs for organizations across the renewable hydrogen value chain—from production and long-distance transmission to storage, local distribution, and end uses—while creating high-quality jobs and improving air quality in areas of the state suffering disproportionate impacts from fossil fuels.


Learn more about GO-Biz and the state’s application to the DOE’s regional clean hydrogen hubs funding program.



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Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles

Why California?

With more than 10,000 fuel cell electric vehicles, roughly two-thirds of the hydrogen refueling stations in North America, and approximately 71% of the hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) in the United States, California leads the nation in the adoption of hydrogen technologies and products.


When these strengths are combined with the state’s extensive innovation ecosystem, favorable energy policy landscape, and robust economy, it is clear that California is exceptionally well situated to lead the nation and jumpstart an economically self-sustaining renewable hydrogen economy.

Within the state, the Southern California region has numerous characteristics favorable to the development of a renewable hydrogen economy, including broad commitments to decarbonization, some of the nation’s busiest ports, and multiple hydrogen planning and demonstration projects underway.

Southern California

Encompassing the state’s 10 southernmost counties, Southern California is home to some of the nation’s busiest ports, the nation’s largest transportation market, world-class national laboratories and universities, innovative technology developers, and a broad range of public and private organizations committed to decarbonization.

Characteristics unique to Southern California include:


  • Broad Commitments to Decarbonization: Many municipalities and large organizations have committed to renewable energy through plans such as LA100, Clean Air Action Plan, Shanghai-Los Angeles Green Shipping Corridor, Angeles Link, and HyDeal LA.

  • End-User Diversity: The region has a wide variety of potential industrial end-users, including cement producers, commercial and public fleets, and some of the nation’s busiest ports. 

  • Existing Infrastructure: Southern California hosts numerous hydrogen fueling stations and technology demonstration projects and was also instrumental in the development of the “Hydrogen Highway” under the leadership of Terry Tamminen, former Secretary of the California Environmental Protection Agency.


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