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The Southern California Green Hydrogen Cluster

The Southern California Green Hydrogen Cluster

Momentum is building in Southern California for the development of a Southern California green hydrogen cluster (SoCal Green Hydrogen Cluster) to facilitate an environmentally and economically sustainable green hydrogen market with the goal of driving economic growth and emissions reductions while advancing equity, improving air quality, and bringing high-quality jobs to the communities that have been most burdened by the negative impacts of fossil fuels.


Environmental justice (EJ) and community-based organizations have begun to meet informally with stakeholders from industry, academia, transportation, power generation, and goods movement to share ideas, discuss potential projects, and explore how to meaningfully engage regional disadvantaged communities and underrepresented groups in this massive undertaking.


These organizations are working closely together to advance the SoCal Green Hydrogen Cluster and in support of the California Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development’s (GO-Biz) announced intention to prepare and submit a single, state-sponsored application in response to the recently released U.S. Department of Energy’s “Regional Clean Hydrogen Hubs” Funding Opportunity Announcement or FOA.

AltaSea at the Port of Los Angeles has prepared a conceptual white paper regarding the SoCal Green Hydrogen Cluster with input from an informal group of stakeholders which can be accessed here: 


View/Download the White Paper

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